“As a business leader in quirky, design-driven companies, I’ve always felt that my professional experience is different from that of my friends in finance, pharmaceuticals, or endless other mainstream industries. I was unable to find an executive coach who could relate to my background and to me, until I was referred to Rose Fiorilli a few years ago.

Rose brings a broad perspective, and an ability to tailor her coaching to the individual and evolving needs at hand. She not only understands a broad swath of industries, but also the context of those that are driven by design and creativity. She has shared lessons from other clients on a similar journey, and applied them to my specific circumstances. She has coached me through both the political complexities of an existing role and helped me prepare for what’s next. Rose has been there for me, whether in helping me chart my longer term course or navigate the urgencies of job offer negotiations. She listens, she coaxes, and she challenges me to think about not just what’s the right career move, but also what’s right for me.”

David Schutte, President + General Manager | Growth Strategist | Brand Builder
Knoll, Herman Miller, Maharam