Rubicon, a small river in northern Italy, became the site of one of ancient history's most pivotal events. When Caesar, leading his Gallic legion, crossed it in 49 BC - in open defiance of existing tradition and law - he took a decisive and irrevocable personal and political step, and marked the point of no return for himself and his country.

"Alea iacta est." The die is cast.

We all have our own private Rubicons, don't we? Critical, often life-changing decisions or commitments to make.

It may be a particularly difficult career transition, or a demanding acclimation to a new role or company. Or perhaps it's the ongoing, dynamic leadership challenges faced by entrepreneurs and senior corporate executives each and every day.

Rubicon Advisory Group, LLC is an executive coaching and business advisory firm founded by Rose Fiorilli in 2003.

We give our clients clarity, focus and inspiration. We help leaders cross Rubicons every day.