“Rose is a life saver. I came to her for an acclimation to a new leadership position that was a stretch for me in terms of scope, responsibilities, team size, reporting structure and title. Rose helped with Day One readiness, mindset and clear actionable items that I could immediately implement. Each session drove to the core of tackling daily issues as well as thinking more broadly about strategy & career positioning. I left with a toolset of frameworks that I will use throughout my career. The time I spent with her was invaluable, with a crispness I would expect from someone who spent the majority of her own corporate career in the C-suite. What you WON’T get from sessions with Rose: 1/exercises to make a collage from magazines, or a dream board, 2/personality tests, 3/a therapist. What you WILL get from sessions with Rose: 1/clear deliverables, timelines and expectations, 2/firm guidance and reinforcement to keep you on track, 3/an executive coach who does not trifle with your time or energy.”

Tracy Edwards, Sr. Vice President Product & Systems
Insider Intelligence