“I was referred to Rose by a trusted friend, also a long-time client of Rose’s, when I wanted to seriously evaluate my career but didn’t know where to start. She was a huge help from day #1, and really inspired me to step back and look at my diverse professional experiences, as a business development executive, early stage startup investor and former practicing clinician, from a much broader perspective. This allowed me to identify the work I had most enjoyed … and then drill down and figure out why I had actually enjoyed it. She is extremely organized, has a great framework, and was a terrific sounding board. Her candid feedback allowed me to totally revamp my resume, LinkedIn profile, professional bio, and deal sheet so that they all consistently highlighted areas of real interest and effectively positioned me in the marketplace. Rose’s executive coaching process also allowed me to optimally steer my career towards areas I would actually like to explore next (no easy feat since I really didn’t know what those were myself when I first started working with her). Rose was tremendously helpful and a lot of fun to work with. She pushed me to think much more creatively and “big-picture” about my career, and our discussions helped me identify options I hadn’t previously considered. I am now at a point where I’m actually excited about getting to the next stage. Working with Rose was an incredibly valuable experience - I just wish I would have met her 5 or even 10 years ago. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who thinks they could use a fresh perspective on their career path or leadership development in general.”

Phil Robilotto DO, Associate Vice President ORD & Director UM Ventures
University of Maryland, Baltimore